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Donald F. Glut – Terror Of Frankenstein

Posted by demonik on September 15, 2007

Donald F. Glut – Terror Of Frankenstein (Mews, 1977)


The creature joins the ranks of O.G.R.E. – an organisation of hideous men dedicated to wiping all beauty from the earth!

Dr. Burt Winslow evidently disposed of the monster at the end of book 1 by ramming a flaming torch in its face and pushing it off a cliff into the sea, but he’s still troubled that it’s out there, somewhere and will not be truly dead until he’s dissected it. So he and his permanently pouting assistant Lynn Powell (who is secretly well made up that the monster fancies her) leave Ingoldstadt for England to discuss matters with one of his fellow boffins. Meanwhile the village peasants arrange a friendly send off by picketing the local railway station – ‘MASS MURDERER: DON’T COME BACK’ and ‘WE DON’T WANT WINSLOW AND HIS WENCH’ are just two of several placards – but at least they get to share a plane with movie star Kane Holdren, noted for his performance in Jawbreaker And The Mountain Of Evil Affair which even the laboratory-bound Burt claims to have seen. But even as they take off for London, the faceless men of O.G.R.E. have located the monster floating in the sea and …. it’s still alive!

Glut packs in so much action into each chapter he makes Dracula Returns look pedestrian. It seems like mere seconds since I met Kane Holdren, paranoid superstar, but OGRE have already snuffed him for being “the handsomest man alive”. Prior to that, they used their atomic submarine to blast a ship out of the sea because it was carrying beauty products for women. Oh, and Burt has saved everybody aboard the plane, having grabbed the controls when the pilots were knocked unconscious by a laser beam fired from the OGRE flying saucer. Just when you think Burt is every bit the masterbrain everyone hypes him out to be, Lynn is approached by pear-shaped promoter Spencer G. Catsman at London Airport who flatters her into taking part in the ‘Miss Laser Beam Beauty Pageant’ and her fiance doesn’t find this vaguely suspicious.

Good to know old Captain Judson of the flame-grilled face is still knocking about. After leader Wu Lang Lee he’s one of the big four at O.G.R.E. (hamburger face Lars Burrod, acid casualty Dirk Anderson and ultra-skin diseased Heinrich Hagopian being the others). They even have their own sub-Pinhead chant:

To destroy beauty! Ugliness must rule! That is the only way!

Anyhow, having captured the Creature they’re all sucking up to him and being his big mates. They even remove their face masks to show him that they’re each as unsightly as him and have suffered the barbs of nice-looking people as a consequence. He’s fallen for it. He lets them call him ‘Monster’.

Back in London, Burt and his friend, Kurt Allen are busy working on a Creature-crushing robot that will be operated by Winslow’s mind when he puts on a special helmet.

The Miss Laser Beauty Contest is a major disappointment. Lynn walks it, of course, but hardly has she been presented with her crown and bunch of roses than the OGRE assassins invade the building and mow down every other contestant before Glut’s even had a chance to describe a one of them. Hagopian is just about to fill Lynn with lead when the Creature comes roaring to her rescue, snapping the lieutenant’s neck before all the bad guys make off in the Tylosaur (cunningly disguised as a sea monster). There’s another outbreak of argy-bargy when they dock and the Creature kills the entire crew (for the second time) except for Captain Judson.

When they arrive back at OGRE island, the mad mandarin is furious: “The girl – a creature of beauty on OGRE island. She must be killed on the spot! It is the law! It would be treason to let her live – treason against the cause!”

The moment he claps eyes on the blue-eyed blond, however, old melty features has a change of heart and proposes marriage to her! When she refuses he comes over all enraged, removes his mask and sadistically flashes her, then has her secreted away in a cave which only he and the Creature know about. To cover up his tracks he informs his fellow faceaches that he’s shot her.

There’s still more ….

For once, Burt’s super-brain doesn’t betray him and he double-guesses OGRE’s next target – an exhibition of BEAUTIFUL paintings. He transfers his mind into that of the eight foot robot he and electronics wizard Kurt have knocked up and wipes out a few more OGRE men before allowing the Monster to overpower the metal man and take it’s empty shell back to OGRE HQ. Meanwhile, Captain Judson has discovered Lynn and although he’s tempted to try his luck, he resists the temptation and denounces the mandarin for the two-bit traitor he is. As the OGRE’s bay for their treacherous leader’s blood, Burt reanimates the robot, the Creature goes berserk and there’s a mad rush to escape the island before it all blows up …

Memo to Severance. The globe action is, frankly, negligable. The best I can do for you is Lynn in her “skimpy white swimming suit”, several assurances that she is curvaceous and Dr. Winslow’s observation that she looks sexy in her lab. uniform.

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