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Guy N. Smith – Crabs On The Rampage

Posted by demonik on September 15, 2007

Guy N. Smith – Crabs On The Rampage (Nel, 1981)

They had come back …

One man only saw them and him they killed, hunted him down through the dense reed beds, trapped him, drove him mad with terror before they pulled him to pieces and ate every bloodied shred of his body.

And then it was quiet again for a little while.

Until they came ashore again, in their hundreds, their bodies reeking with the malignant, cancerous disease that was within them. The disease that was driving them mad with pain, mad to kill, to wipe out every living thing in their path.

On that holiday beach were hundreds of men, women and children. Food.

The crabs, despite their lethal illness, are determined to go out with a bang and, for the most part, have a great time of it, scuttling about the coastline, blowing up power stations, snapping everybody in half, venturing inland – definitely approve of their destruction of the Isle of Dogs and nice to see the Blackwall Tunnel erased from the map! I was a little concerned that GNS had overlooked the all-important sequence where one of the stricken monsters is cannibalised by his colleagues but, nope, the old master doesn’t make slip-ups like that. There are some hints that it’s all the Russians’ fault and maybe the crabs have only left the seabed because there’s something worse than themselves down there.

As the-only-man-who-can-save-us, Prof. Cliff Davenport suffers from advanced charisma deficiency and doesn’t get much to do but chase around looking for dead crabs until he gets involved in a wrestling match with a living-ish specimen, and, due to (or despite?) leaving his wife at home while he does the tricky stuff in London, he doesn’t get to shag anything (though a number of victims compensate for his thoughtlessness).

See also Vault’s Guy N. Smith section


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