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Guy N. Smith – The Slime Beast

Posted by demonik on September 15, 2007

Guy N. Smith – The Slime Beast (Nel, 1975)

Slime Beast

“There’s something the matter with you, old son. You’re losing your slime.”

The Wash, Lincolnshire: Archaeologists Prof. Lowson, Gavin Royle and Liz Beck are hunting for King John’s treasure on the salt-marshes on the outskirts of Sutton village when they discover a hideous, reeking creature lying flat out in the mud. At first they think it’s dead, but come the night and it’s up and out on the rampage, killing a man, ripping out his entrails and devouring them. Pub Landlord of the Year contender Tom Southgate of The Bull blames the outsiders for disturbing the legendary guardian of the treasure, and rounds up a mob to get rid of them. Soon the trio are under attack from a bunch of torch-bearing hooligans yelling “Grab ’em! Throw them in the quicksands!”, with the more pragmatic advising “Give us the girl before you throw her in! Don’t waste her! Screw her first!”
Liz, who was a virgin at the outset, has certainly seen a major upturn in her sex life. Smooth operator Gavin has already had a piece of the action, these goons fancy a gangbang, and the hermit who rescues them then attempts to rape her before chasing her topless across the marshes until he falls into the Slime Beast’s clutches.
Obsessed with the creature and the fame it can bring him, the Professor is behaving in increasingly irrational fashion and stalks the wasteland with his improvised Slime Beast trap (a fishing net with hooks in). Meanwhile, the army have been brought in, but their bullets and missiles just pass through the monster when it descends on the village for more delicious human intestines. There are several gory deaths, plenty of sex interludes, and everybody you want to die does so (most of them might as well hold “I am going to get killed soon” placards) before it builds to a satisfying showdown. It seems the Slime Beast originated, not from the Earth, but beyond the stars and it crashed to earth on a meteorite.

After all the build up so many of you had given it on here, I was dreading reading this for fear of being terribly disappointed, but The Slime Beast was everything I’d hoped it would be – a wildly entertaining, no frills, pulp horror classic.

Thanks to Ade ‘killercrab’ of Vault

See also Vault’s Guy N. Smith section


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