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Robert Lory – The Hand Of Dracula

Posted by demonik on September 15, 2007

Robert Lory – The Hand Of Dracula (Nel, Dec 1973)

The Hand Of Dracula

Two months on from the campaign versus the Brooklyn crime syndicate (“Dracula Returns”), it is business as usual at Chez Harmon.
Despite every appearance to the contrary, the professor insists that he has Dracula in his pocket. Klara continues to read the likeable but lunkish Cam’s every thought (doubly unfortunate for him, given that most of these revolve around what she’s like in bed), although the metal plate holding Harman’s skull together prevents her doing the same to him.
Enter Harmon’s neice, Jennifer:Even the thick sweater and jeans her willowy figure now wore, combined with her long but loose-hanging blonde hair, and her rosy cheeks suggested that this was Miss Young America.
No wonder Dracula’s perked up some! Poor old Cam must be undergoing the tortures of Hell trying not to let his mind run away with him …

Meanwhile, across town at Yorge’s Funeral Home, Derek Williams, would-be magician, has just fallen into the clutches of the ghoulish proprietor and his hunchbacked assistant …


Blimey! It didn’t take Jenny Harmon long to get herself chained up naked in a dungeon! I think she may even have beaten Vampirella’s previous best.

It’s them bloody hippies to blame, in particular the wannabe Manson, a charm-free pseudo Black Magician named Paulus Aliester. Aliester is serviced by three or four handpicked “nuns”, fleeces his members, sends them out to murder people, presides over human sacrifices wearing a goatshead, etc. Fortunately, Cam Sanchez managed to get himself captured and chained up naked alongside Jen when another of Prof. Harmon’s fool-proof plans went pear-shaped. We also get to see Cam enjoying some ultraviolent rough and tumble with Aliester’s goons.

Both the Count and Ktara get to see more action in “Hand of …” than the debut, but the star of this one is unquestionably the shady undertaker, Yorge. His preoccupation with all things funereal – “I am a master of death”, he brags – extends to his sex-life, as one call-girl finds out to her cost.

Lory’s masterpiece? Possibly.

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