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Raymond Giles – Night Of The Vampire

Posted by demonik on September 16, 2007

Raymond Giles – Night Of The Vampire (Nel, Sept. 1970)

Raymond Giles - Night Of The Vampire

Cover artwork:  Richard Clifton-Day

They thought that the vows that they had taken so long ago in Sanscoeur had been meaningless, part of ignorant, childish, obscene game.

But an eerie, insistent voice was calling them back and they knew – Roxanne and Duffy and the others – they knew that they had to come back to face the lurking inhuman horror that awaited them.

For thirteen years ago, they had committed themselves to Satan. And now their fiendish master was calling them back to take his fearful revenge and turn their childhood game into one fearful NIGHT OF THE VAMPIRE.

Here is a story full of black magic terror written with frightening realism. A story of an evil and corrupt battle between modern vampires and werewolves and satanic possession.

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