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Eric Ericson – Master of the Temple

Posted by demonik on October 6, 2007

Eric Ericson – Master of the Temple (NEL, March 1983)

Master Of The Temple

The secret orders have their lines of descent, their connections. And behind every order is another, some half-seen shadows in the mists of history, some well-attested, the works of their initiates known.

Their names have a resonance:

The Ancient and Mystical Order of the Rosy Cross

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn

The Order of the Temple of the Orient

The Order of the Strict Observance

Each has its Degrees and Ceremonies of Initiation, its secret rituals, mysteries and paths to hidden knowledge. And in each there are the dangers. For knowledge is a two-edged sword that can bring life or death.

And among the orders, there is one whose Name is known to but a few and whose True Name is utterly hidden, unspoken, known only to the Masters…

Here is set down the story of a man of our time who knew earthly success and the pleasure of many women, but who tried to pervert the secret Knowledge of that Order to his own ends. Who invoked Powers no man may control.

This one weighs in at 410 pages, plus 10 pages of explanatory notes.

Master of the Temple was Ericson’s third novel for NEL (he also did The World, The Flesh, The Devil – A Biographical Dictionary of Witches for them in 1981) but, as he stresses in his notes, “a novel is not necessarily a work of fiction”;

“…most of the characters in this story were real people… (who) performed the acts attributed to them, however bizarre…”

Post and coverscan by Steve

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