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Daniel P. Mannix – The Hellfire Club

Posted by demonik on May 15, 2009

Daniel P. Mannix – The Hellfire Club (First NEL new edition October 1970: This edition September 1978: First Four Square edition 1961)

The Hellfire Club

The Hellfire Club

Photograph: Mike Busselle

It was the most infamous club the world has ever known.

Its meetings were held in ruined abbeys and elaborately obscene caves.
Its members were high-placed politicians, landed gentry and famous men of the arts. London ‘madams’ scoured the city for young girls to supply the club’s mass orgies; rakes and perverts flocked to its meetings.
Its revels rocked the nation and caused the biggest riot in British history.

Here is the story of the Hell-Fire Club, a story that has fascinated and repelled the world for two centuries.

I suppose this look at Francis Dashwood and “The Order of the Friars of St. Francis of Wycombe” should be included – it was published (many times) by New English Library and, at least for this edition, is categorised ‘Horror & Supernatural’ on the spine.

Good enough for me…  Steve Goodwin

Cover scan, blurb and review by Steve Goodwin.

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