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Donald Glut – Frankenstein Meets Dracula

Posted by demonik on May 16, 2009

Donald Glut – The New Adventures of Frankenstein #4 Frankenstein Meets Dracula (NEL, 1977)

OUT OF THE SMOULDERING RUINS OF A CASTLE DEEP IN THE HEART OF CROVAKIA ARISE THE BATTERED FORMS OF CAPTAIN JUDSON and his companion, the terrible monster created by Victor Frankenstein a century and a half ago. Together they resume their desperate search for peace, but as always that search is destined for disaster.

Transylvania seems an ideal retreat, but the two wanderers haven’t bargained on the horrible cunning of that diabolical paragon of evil, Count Dracula. And when Captain Judson unwittingly restores him to life a new horror is unleashed on the unsuspecting world.

Dracula’s first thought is for revenge on the people who dared to cross him, and succeeded in confining his powers for more than a hundred years. He evolves a fiendish scheme of reprisal — a scheme which spells, terror for his victims, misery for Captain Judson, and death for his monstrous companion.

This truly is a mental series! Dracula reveals his unspeakable intention – to transplant the brain of a Van Helsing into the skull of the Monster! There is also an ex-mad Professor involved, Burt Winslow, whose gorgeous fiance winds up in her undies very early on and spends the rest of the book as though she were understudying Glynnis Barber in Jane. Subjected to the old Count’s iron will, she is his foolproof means of blackmailing Winslow into performing the vile operation. Ends with a showdown between the two heavyweights. Glut portrays Dracula as an entirely evil megalomaniac, while the Monster has many attractive qualities.

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