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Guy N. Smith – Crab’s Moon

Posted by demonik on May 16, 2009

Guy N. Smith – Crab’s Moon (New English Library, April 1984)

An armoured underwater army, they lay off-shore, watching, waiting. Then, moon-driven, coldly mad in their need to destroy, to kill, to eat, they edged forward.

The quiet night sounds: gentle waves lapping and hissing on the shingle, the warm on-shore breeze ruffling through the grassy dunes, lights, laughter and music from the unsuspecting holiday camp, the diesel thump, thump of a last, late fishing boat.

Tensed, shuddering and eager in their hunger, they lurched out of the water. In their hundreds, huge and evil, they crawled, lumbered up the beach, feeling their way towards their prey.

The new night sounds. the clicking of giant claws, the scraping of ‘giant bodies across the rocks, screams of terror, screams of agony suddenly stilled, the crunch of bones, the sickening sucking and munching as they gorged on human flesh.

The crabs had invaded once more ….

In the summer of 1976 the giant crabs first attacked mankind on the Welsh coast. Part of that story was told in Night Of The Crabs: the remainder is told in this book -GNS

With Barmouth under threat of invasion by the Radio One Roadshow, would-be Lothario Keith Baxter decides he’d rather take his chances on Shell Island than risk exposure to the likes of Dave Lee Travis and his “verbal garbage” for “morons”. Having persuaded frustrated Irey Wall to accompany him for the afternoon with a view to a shag in the sand dunes, the muscle bound hunk gets down to some serious showing off by taking a skinny dip in the sea. He’s soon very much skinnier for the experience, too, as …. the giant crabs are back!

This is a proper Nel – I’m only on Chapter 4 but Guy’s already worked in a couple of crafty plugs for Night Of The Crabs (and Jaws: don’t tell me he wrote that too!) which augers well for the rest of the book. We’ve just lost the obligatory young lovers swimming off the island and now our crustacean chums are battling it out with the army on Shell. Meanwhile, money mad entrepreneur Miles Manning has taken some lucky Blue Ocean Holiday Camp punters out in his luxury yacht for the evening to enjoy some smoochy Engelbert Humperdink records. Something hits the bottom with the force of a torpedo ….

Crabs Moon thread on Vault of Evil

Thanks ade!


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