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John Godey – The Snake

Posted by demonik on May 16, 2009

John Godey – The Snake (NEL,  Oct 1979)

The Smake

The Smake

IT IS AS HOT AS HELL IN THE CITY. Everybody is out on the streets, trying to get cool. Somehow, a lethal eleven-foot Black Mamba gets loose in Central Park. One of the most deadly and fast-moving snakes around, it strikes repeatedly without warning.

With hysteria rising, the police department and a young snake expert have to hunt it down before it claims further victims. A task made no easier by the city’s unhelpful politicians, eccentrics and even religious freaks who regard the snake as the Devil incarnate. The hunt becomes a race against death, and tension mounts towards a spine-chilling climax.

Franklin Marsh writes

An oddball, this one. John Godey’s claim to fame is the great subway train hijack thriller, The Taking Of Pelham 1-2-3, and this is very similar. More of a thriller than a horror, and certainly not a nasty, it holds your attention, but isn’t horrific.

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