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Robert Lory Lives!

Posted by demonik on May 16, 2009

Robert Lory Lives!

One of the biggest thrills i’ve had during my time with Vault was getting into correspondence with Robert E. Lory, author of the celebrated Dracula Returns series and a man so legendary, many commentators believed he didn’t actually exist! I figured it would be appropriate  to include his comments here.

Hey Kev,

Actually, my favorite was Dracula’s Brothers — but what they hell do I know.

Other than the Robert Lory name. I used V. J. Santiago to write a series happily stolen from Death Wish (but I insist I was much more bloody) and I was Paul Edwards for half of the John Eagle Expeditor series (interestingly, people who have read my other stuff seem to easily figure out which ones I wrote). The Robert Lory name also was on covers of a series of Horrorscope books.

Here’s a point where initial success can turn around and bite you in the butt.

After the Boris book, I suggested another short story collection–each story to be based on a zodiac sign. Great, “they” said, but let’s make it a series of novels. Crap, I said. But I did it anyway. I don’t think the four I did were totally awful, but I do think they deserve a lot of the adverse criticism they generated.

And, yes, I’d be happy if you add my blog links.

Finally, although I (Bob Lory) appreciate your thanks, I have to say old Harmon wouldn’t give a shit. Hey, but that’s his bag. Give his some space; he’s got a bad back.

Bob Lory

Shortly afterward, Bob kindly consented to be interviewed by our friend Justin Marriott of the pulp bible  Paperback Fanatic magazine (#4: Sept. 2007), and i must say between them they did a tremendous job of covering his career.


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