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Alfred Hitchcock – This Days Evil

Posted by demonik on May 17, 2009

Alfred Hitchcock [Peter Haining] – This Days Evil (Four Square, 1967)

Josh Kirby

Ed Lacy – Lucky Catch
August Derleth – The Story Of The Intarsia Box
Robert Sheckley – Pousse Cafe
Henry Slesar – How To Stop Smoking
Borden Deal – Get-Away
Jack Ritchie – The Travelling Arm
Arthur Porges – The Missing Bow
Hal Ellson – The Pulque Vendor
De Forbes – Flora Africana
Bryce Walton – Never Hang Another
Mann Rubin – The Alibi-Makers
Jonathan Craig – This Day’s Evil
Donald Westlake – The Sound Of Murder
Francis Swann – I Still Scream
Jay Street – The Painless Method
C. B. Gilford – Deduct One Wife
Douglas Campbell – Fiesta Time
Jack Ritchie – Where The Finger Points

Well, there are other books that didn’t inspire me with confidence but turned out OK so who’s to say? The Deleth’s one of his Solar Pons outings and made the Oriental Tales Of Terror anthology but that could well be it for the horror content. Sheckley, Porges and the staggeringly prolific Slesar are all accomplished genre hoppers, equally at home with each, so if they’re writing for something called Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine it’s a fair bet they’ll take the ‘Mystery’ bit as their guideline. Bryce Walton wrote an excellent voodoo story, The Devil Doll, for Dime Mystery which Bill Pronzini happily revived for his Tales Of The Dead monsterpiece (Book Club, 1987).


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