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Frederick Marryat – The Phantom Ship

Posted by demonik on May 17, 2009

Frederick Marryat – The Phantom Ship (Four Square Gothic Mystery, May, 1966)

Josh Kirby

Josh Kirby


FREDERICK MARRYAT — often referred to as Captain Marryat — was born in 1792, the son of a Member of Parliament. The sea attracted him from a very early age and in 1806 he first went to sea as a mid­shipman under Lord Cochrane. By 1820 he had his own command —a sloop which cruised off St. Helena and was entrusted with prevent­ing any escape attempts by Napoleon who was then exiled on the island. Later missions saw him in action against smugglers in the English Channel and pirates on the rivers of Burma. In 1830, however, he resigned his commission and took up seriously his other great love — writing. In the years that followed he wrote some of the greatest English sea novels (such as ‘Peter Simple’ and ‘Mr. Midshipman Easy’) which are outstanding for their authenticity and dramatic action. ‘The Phantom Ship’ was written in 1839 while Marryat was on a tour of the United States —a trip which so enamoured him of the new country that he decided to buy a farm and settle there. He died in Langham, Norfolk, on August 9, 1848.

New English Library reissue, 1975

New English Library reissue, 1975

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