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G. C. Clewett – Blood Dynasty

Posted by demonik on May 20, 2009

G. C. Clewett – Blood Dynasty (New English Library, March 1973)

Blood Dynasty

Blood Dynasty

“The girl was secretive. Altson didn’t mind for he had secrets of his own. Like the knife he carried and what he did with it

She was strangely attractive, and that should have given him a clue. The long black flowing hair, the thick dark glasses, the skin as pale as death….

It was later when he realised. When he’d come into the dim, grey room and seen the faces of his captors. The girl had told him of the place called Morne but now it was to late. At the centre of the nightmare web , he was fighting for his life against the Dark Power of Alien Evil.”

Thanks to Killercrab for providing the scan and blurb!

3 Responses to “G. C. Clewett – Blood Dynasty”

  1. Fred Sens said

    Some refreshing vampire oriented story. It takes some time to unravel the story and the characters as well as the many different names. As the story moves on the speed picks up and slowly a picture emerges not of a actual vampire story but of the sixties scientist who wants to improve the world by using some weird chemical drug. Like they tried with LSD.
    The drug makes people stronger en seemingly smarter but the side effect makes them more like vampires. Underlying is violence, sexual undertow and the changing of the human mind when given too much power.
    It all end in a frenzy of killing and blood but the last page is reserved for hope.

    A great book. It is a pity that Clewett only wrote one book. His refreshing intellectual style could guarantee much more pleasure reading.

    • demonik said

      Thanks for the review, Fred. According to Paperback Fanatic #8, G. C. Clewitt was among the runners up in NEL’s ‘Young Writers Award’ for 1972, which is how ‘Blood Dynasty’ came to be published. Ashamed to admit i don’t have a copy, but it certainly sounds very intriguing.

      • Fred said

        I can really recommend the book. I did not even read it for myself but for my daughter for a school assignment. She had difficulties reading en understanding the story so she asked me to read it and make a report. I read it in one evening. Try to get a copy, it is worth the trouble.

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