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Jeffrey Konvitz – The Apocalypse

Posted by demonik on May 21, 2009

Jeffrey Konvitz – The Apocalypse (NEL, 1979)

She was the Sentinel, the living guardian of the gates of hell.

She was the sole barrier between humanity and the forces of satanic evil pent up since the Fall from Grace. Hers was the most terrible penance of all; chosen for her sins, she had been committed to a living death, a blind nightmare in which the only reality was the reality of her demonic adversary, and the awful powers she had been endowed with to constrain him.

Now her penance is nearly up. For Monsignor Franchino that means the resumption of the most dreadful task the Church has efver bestowed: once again he, and he alone, must find and commit a new victiom for the guardianship: knowing that at every step the powers of evil will battle to prevent the change-over.

For the Prince of Darkness it means a final chance to unleash His minions on the world, and begin at last His long awaited reign of evil.

For mankind it means …. THE APOCALYPSE

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