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Dashiell Hammett – The Red Brain

Posted by demonik on May 23, 2009

Dashiell Hammett (ed.) – The Red Brain (Four Square, 1965)

The Red Brain

The Red Brain

Dashiell Hammett – Introduction

John Collier – Green Thoughts
Robert Dean Frisbie – The Ghost of Alexander Perks, A.B.
Peter Fleming – The Kill
Peter MacDonald – Ten O’Clock
L A G Strong – Breakdown
S Fowler Wright – The Rat
Irwin S Cobb – Faith, Hope and Charity
H P Lovecraft – The Music of Erich Zann
Donald Wandrei – The Red Brain
W Elwyn Backus – The Phantom Bus

Calenture gives the lowdown on most of Hammett’s inclusions on Vault’s Red Brain/ Creeps By Night/ Breakdown thread

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