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Jory Sherman – The Bamboo Demons

Posted by demonik on May 28, 2009

Jory Sherman – The Bamboo Demons (New English Library, 1979)



The night creature crouched in front of her. It was changing … changing … The hair, long and beastlike, was growing, hiding the naked body. A low growl rose to a snarl as the lips peeled back over yellowing canine teeth. The stench of carrion flesh choked her. It moved, half-straightened, sprang …

Forty-eight hours later and three thousand miles away a phone rang. It was 4am but what Russell Childers heard was enough. At once he was wide awake and making ready to fly to the Philippine jungles. Making ready to track down something so hideous that he had hoped it lived only in myth.

Cover illustration: Ian Miller

Thanks to Steve for providing the scan and blurb

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