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Simon Majors – The Druid Stone

Posted by demonik on May 28, 2009

Simon Majors (Gardner F. Fox) – The Druid Stone (NEL, 1970: originally Paperback Library, 1967)


A Black Magic Novel Of Terror

The supernatural rears its terrifying head in this occult story of ancient sorcery struggling to deliver the modern world into the hands of the devil himself.

Brian Creoghan’s fight against this devouring evil in the haunting atmosphere of a quiet village – and in a strange barbaric land of thousands of years ago – is an unforgettable adventure into the dark unknown.

This is a chilling story of witchcraft and sorcery written with all the horrifying power and reality of a Dennis Wheatley.

Of all the Paperback Library gems Haining could have snagged on his early American jaunts and he comes away with this. Curt is less than impressed on Groovy Age, muttering darkly of “fantasyland episodes” which are “barely even readable”. Justin signs off his review in Paperback Fanatic #8 with “your eyes may never forgive you if you read this one!”. Can it be that we are holding before us that holiest of holiest, the worst NEL ever? I’d like to be able to throw my hat in the ring, come up with a glowing endorsement for The Druid Stone even if only to be perverse, but truth is, in three attempts, i’ve progressed no further than twelve pages into the “action” before Mr. Majors’ affected prose style has done for me to the point where a rematch with Dracula And The Virgins Of The Undead seems like the most attractive proposition ever. Respect!

If anyone other than the seriously dedicated gents mentioned above have made it past Brian Creoghan tedious meditations on whether or not his neighbour, Benius Foss, is a witch on account of keeping a pair of cats, now is your opportunity to shine.


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