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Guy N. Smith – Warhead

Posted by demonik on May 29, 2009

Guy N. Smith – Warhead (New English Library, 1981)

voodoo nuclear destruction

voodoo nuclear destruction



The overwhelming power of the dark gods of Voodoo.
He knew about that — everyone in Haiti knew. And feared.
He knew that a man could try to use that power, could summon it but would lose control to it. Once he had tried and a man, a friend, had died, seared and blackened,
by the white heat of the Voodoo fire.
But there was another power that could destroy utterly. Created by man, it lay dormant but always ready. Underground, fuelled and targeted, it lurked in secret launch silos.
Both powers were attended by ritual, watched over by a secret band of guardians. And if those two powers should ever come together there would be no future beyond an unending instant of total agony.
Now the point of final fusion had been chosen and the countdown had begun.


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