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Jack Shackleford – The Source

Posted by demonik on May 31, 2009

Jack Shackleford – The Source (NEL, no date) [1985]

Tempting, teasing, the girl had enticed her out into the summer night.

A girl who had been killed – a car crash – six years ago…

Sharp-eyed and weatherbeaten, the old farm worker had eyed her knowingly as he trudged past.

An old man who, seven years before, had been found murdered: a pitchfork through his throat and his body slashed open in the form of a bloody cross…

But the car she had seen swerving, skidding off the road, plunging over the quarry’s edge: that lay in the future.

On the hill the Standing Stones loomed; hostile, living memorials of an age before Christianity. Of an ancient religion whose hour had come again.

Suddenly the village was a trap and the time of sacrifice was drawing near.

Thanks to Steve Goodwin for providing the scan and blurb!

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