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David Holman & Larry Pryce – Fleshbait

Posted by demonik on June 4, 2009

David Holman & Larry Pryce – Fleshbait (NEL, 1979)


Review by Severance

Just finished this, and if anyone hasn’t yet read this, or is thinking of doing so soon – don’t bother, it’s lousy, uninspired, one-dimensional and is several hours of reading time that I’d like back!!

For god’s sake the bloody fish aren’t even interested in devouring humanity, which would have given us some decent death scenes at least, all they do is drown – with the authors impying that with their new-found intelligence the fish just want to get their own back!

How on earth did this take two people to write?

Am I being too hard on this? Did anyone else enjoy it??

It was the first in a 4 book animal rampage read I’m embarking on, the others being Linaker’s Scorpion: Second Generation, Sharman’s The Cats and Herbert’s Lair – I sincerely hope its the lowpoint!!!!!

Plus there’s no sex, no descriptions of female breasts – the authors surely had no clue of what’s expected!! :)

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