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Guy N. Smith – Werewolf By Moonlight

Posted by demonik on June 6, 2009

Guy N. Smith – Werewolf By Moonlight (New English Library, 1974)



The Welsh hills are beautiful by day, attracting visitors from miles away. But at night an uneasy silence reigns, and in the gathering mist and darkness lurk the ancient evils.

The people of the village near the Black Hill shunned the night. Only the shepherds stayed out to guard their flocks. Until one night, when a sheep was found savagely mangled. The old men muttered of the ‘Black Dogs’, harbingers of death, while the young men laughed uneasily.

Not only were animals in danger but the young women too. Soon no-one dared go out at night, for the danger that threatened was more fearful than anyone imagined. When the moon was full the shape of half-man half-wolf was seen on those hills…


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