Your Daily NEL: New English Library

Cheap and Nasty Seventies Horror Pulp

Phil Smith – The Resurrection Machine

Posted by demonik on June 8, 2009

Phil Smith – The Resurrection Machine (New English Library, 1978)



“There’s fire locked in yon hill, fire that you won’t find in your science books. Fire that burns in the heart of stones. Fire that can take human shape and dance across yon ridge. Fire that can burn inside a man’s soul and destroy his will. Hell fire!”

Ligginstones is an ancient burial ground, high on a remote Yorkshire moor. The local people fear and respect the stories and legends of strange happenings, and when the government builds a laser research transmitter there and an archaeologist opens up one of the round barrows, they forecast disaster.

But twentieth century reason disregards their instinctive understanding, and unwittingly releases the dark and terrible forces that lie beyond the grave.

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