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Chelsea Quinn Yarbo – Hotel Transylvania

Posted by demonik on June 9, 2009

Chelsea Quinn Yarbo – Hotel Transylvania (New English Library, 1981)


Blurb from Signet/ NAL edition, 1979

It was the nightmare home of occult rites of ravishment, where beauty was made to serve evil, and the jaws of horror closed over innocence.
It was the decadent playground of an aristocratic society riddled with rumors about the handsome, charming man any woman would die to love …
It was here that the irresistible Count Saint Germain and the exquisite Madelaine De Montalla came together.

He, doomed to live forever and always to kill the one he loved, struggling now against the purest passion and most gnawing temptation he had ever known. She, desperately enamored of this compelling vampire who refused to grant her his ultimate act of love, and threatened by a fate that made the kiss of death seem sweet ……..

Thanks to Killercrab for the cover scan


Signet edition, 1979

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