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Bob Randall – The Calling

Posted by demonik on June 10, 2009

Bob Randall –  The Calling (New English Library, 1983)


She answered the phone.
Nothing: no voice, no breathing, no dialling or engaged tone.
Nothing, an utter blankness. A dead line, that was all. And yet a nothingness that was charged with a terrible ominous positive quality.
Strangely shaken, she put the receiver down. Later it rang again: a flicker of irrational fear as she moved to answer. And the old dog, disturbed, cringed and whimpered in its sleep.
Again, nothing. An awful evil positive nothing.
Later again, out on the street the pay phone started ringing as she passed. Ringing eerily, insistently … following her … following her …
That was the beginning, just the beginning.

Cover and scan courtesy of Alwyn W. Turner of the ever influential Trash Fiction


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