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Jane Hammond – Witch Of The White House

Posted by demonik on June 10, 2009

Jane Hammond  – Witch Of The White House (New English Library, 1977)


Blurb from Robert Hale hardcover edition, 1976

The storm lashed the Cornish coast as Vashti was born. Hester Trevanion died but her child grew into a wild, dark creature, headstrong and arrogant. Taken under the evil dominance of Madgy Figgy, soon Vashti was sharing her reputation as a witch. Ruth Tregenna comes to the White House to save Vashti but they clash and then Ruth falls for handsome John Standish. Vashti is jealous and steals him from her – abandoning him with callous indifference as the sinister magnetism of Tregeseal reminds her she cannot be freed from her past. John vows to bring them both to the rope, but before Ruth can find happiness with John she must free Vashti …..

Quite disappointing when you find out that this isn’t  what you expected from the title! Embarassingly, I don’t know who to credit for this cover scan as i’ve not been able to locate the original post on Vault. Sincere apologies, and i’ll add the name just as soon as i find it.


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