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Paperback Dungeon – Paperback Fanatic 2

Posted by demonik on June 12, 2009

Justin Marriott (ed.) – Paperback Dungeon [Paperback Fanatic #2] (Summer, 2007)


Back with a new title and new, A4 format, the second issue of Paperback Fanatic leads with the editor’s Origins of a Pulp Fanatic …, Justin’s tribute to the books and magazines that got him started on this path, with special mention of Action comic.

Weird Tales At Panther is the first of the Fanatic illustrated listings, this one concentrating on the Panther horror and fantasy paperbacks of the ‘sixties through the ‘seventies. It provided the backbone for Vault’s My Name Is Death blog on WordPress.

Rik Rawlings’ The Crypt Of Crap: The Shop That Made Me The Man I Am Today revisits the early ‘eighties and the “horrible hippy hovel” in the Leeds Corn Exchange where Rik first fell in love with ghastly underground comix.

Barbarians On Wheels continues where we left off with the Hell’s Angels.

Finally, Out Of The Black Shadows Of Hell devotes the final four pages to Laurence James’ ultra-violent, horrored-up Brit Western series, Crow.


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