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Michael Slade – Ghoul

Posted by demonik on June 14, 2009

Michael Slade – Ghoul (New English Library, 1993)

Chris Moore

Chris Moore


A violent spectre is haunting London.
Dressed in a grey cape and a top hat, with a bone-white face and a madman’s eyes, the Ghoul crawls from the London sewers to kill – bloodily, perversely and inexplicably.
For Detective Chief Superintendent Hilary Rand, an am­bitious woman in a man’s world, the carnage must stop or her career will be finished. But hunting the Ghoul means stepping into her worst nightmare …

‘As alarming a piece of Gothic as I’ve read in many a black moon … treads a perverted fantastic with droll skill’ – The Times

‘Slade runs a three-ring circus of suspense, salting the plot with red herrings and keeping the reader guessing until the truth is revealed in a grisly, sensational climax to which is appended yet another gut-wrenching revelation’   – Booklist

‘Ghoul almost finished me … Here’s a book that gives you real shock value for the money’ – Robert Bloch, author of PSYCHO

See also the Ghoul thread on Vault Of Evil

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