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Richard Bachman – Rage

Posted by demonik on June 15, 2009

‘Richard Bachman’ [Stephen King] – Rage (New English Library, 1983)


“I’ve written a lot of books about teenagers who are pushed to violent acts. But with Rage, it’s almost a blueprint in terms of saying, “This is how it could be done”. And when it started to happen … particularly, there was a shooting thing in Paducah, Kansas, where three kids were killed in a prayer group… and the kid who did it, that book was in his locker. And I said, that’s it for me; that book’s off the market. Not that they won’t find something else … I don’t think that any kid was driven to an act of violence by a Metallica record, or by a Mariliyn Manson CD, or by a Stephen King novel, but I do think those things can act as accelerants.”

Stephen King on withdrawing his ‘Richard Bachman’ novel Rage from sale in the wake of the Columbine High School massacre, April 1999. (quoted in Stephen J. Spignesi, The Essential Stephen King, New Page, 2001)


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