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Stephen King – The Bachman Books

Posted by demonik on June 16, 2009

Stephen King – The Bachman Books (New English Library, 1986) [Hardback]



The name on the cover was ‘Richard Bachman’. But the imagination  inside could only belong to one man. Stephen King.

For years, readers of these four novels wrote to ‘Richard Bachman’, asking if the  author was really the world-bestselling Stephen King writing under a pseudonym. Now the secret is out – and so are these four spellbinding tales of future shock and suspense, available for the first time in one volume.

RAGE. A high-school teenager becomes a gang-of-one in a terrifying display of rebellion.

THE LONG WALK. A chilling look at the ultra-conservative America of the future, where a gruelling 450-mile marathon is the ultimate sports competition.

ROADWORK. An immovable man refuses to surrender to the irresistible force of progress.

THE RUNNING MAN. A macabre tale of the future’s favourite TV game show, where contestants risk death at the hands of hunters to win a  billion‑dollar jackpot.

With an introduction by the author; Why I Was Bachman


Nel 1987 paperback edition

One Response to “Stephen King – The Bachman Books”

  1. drtombibey said

    Just finished his book ‘On Writing’ and posted about it on my blog today. I write a different genre, physician bluegrass fiction, but his book is one every writer should have.

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