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Robert E. Lory – Dracula’s Gold

Posted by demonik on June 20, 2009

Robert E. Lory – Dracula’s Gold (New English Library, 1974)



Castle Dracula. The Vampire’s original rocky fortress in Transylvania. A place of the dead – and of the undead.

In the mist and eerie moonlight, a ghostlike form lies waiting and two young lovers die in the menacing shadows. Their throats were horribly slashed. The suspect – DRACULA. But the aristocratic Count claims innocence… this time…

The key to the perpetrator of the foul deed lies in the wolf-haunted tunnels of Dracula Mountain. Will Dracula reveal the hidden secret behind his hoard of gold – his only key to inmocence?

Resurrected by the mysterious Dr. Harmon, Dracula haunts the pages of this tale of horror, the fourth in the series of THE RETURN OF DRACULA.

Thanks to Andreas Decker for the cover scan.

One Response to “Robert E. Lory – Dracula’s Gold”

  1. I love vampire movies and books. It keep me on my toes just waiting to see what will happen next. I even went to Transylvania this year and had a tour of Dracuala castle in which I would like to share with you. I edited it so it is a short film of inside the castle in Romania:

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