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Babs Deal – The Crystal Mouse

Posted by demonik on June 30, 2009

Babs Deal – The Crystal Mouse (New English Library, 1974)



When her husband Howard died Sarah decided to continue living in the new appartment they had bought for their retirement years. She did this knowing hers was the only occupied flat in a vast tower block, a clollection of luxurious but empty flats.

The lonely days that followed were easy to fill, with lunches, telephone calls, visits to the shops and friends. And there were always the memories to keep her company. It was the nights that presented the challenge, the encroaching encirclement of fear. A fear that had its roots in nothing, its structure in trivialities. Yet to Sara it was as real as her life, as her crystal mouse.

The mouse was the prize piece of her crystal collection, her protector over the years. To find it broken one day was just another incident, yet precipitated Sara into that headlong flight into fear ….

Thanks to Steve Goodwin for the covers can and blurb


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