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John McNeil – Little Brother

Posted by demonik on June 30, 2009

John McNeil – Little Brother (New English Library, 1984)



From Trash Fiction

He was ten and no trouble.
Possum was his companion, his preoccupation. Absorbed, he sat in his room by the hour, hunched over Possum’s keyboard, eyes intent on Possum’s display screen. Peripherals – printer, modem unit, disc drive – were marshalled neatly, Possum program discs in their distinctive orange sleeves were ranged in their storage unit.

He was ten and no trouble. Until his parents, worried about his solitary obsession, discovered he was truanting and threatened to confiscate his Possum.

Then he tried to kill himself: a serious attempt that nearly succeeded. Nor was he alone. Horrified, they became aware of other children who had killed themselves, who had attacked their parents with a berserk fury. All had had Possum computers: all had had their Possums taken away from them.

Suddenly Possum was a threat, a malign entity that infiltrated and took over young minds. Suddenly it became very important indeed to find out what lay behind Possum, who were the unknown men who created and programmed the mind invaders.

Thanks to Alwyn W. Turner for cover scan and blurb


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