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Phil Smith – The Saxonbury Printout

Posted by demonik on June 30, 2009

Phil Smith – The Saxonbury Printout (New English Library, 1979)


Saxonbury is a pleasant English market town: medieval church, seventeenth-century town houses, a new estate, a gleaming, ultra-modern computer factory. But Liz Ambler senses what lies beneath its placid surface, as her interest in the romantic past draws her helplessly towards the deep-buried secrets of a crueller age.

While his wife is obsessed with the past, Roger Ambler is totally involved in the EKO 6 computer, the key to the future and the culmination of his research. Now EKO 6 is ready for trials, waiting for the vital pulse of the electrons to throb through its circuits and awaken – what?

Thanks to Killercrab for the cover scan and blurb

2 Responses to “Phil Smith – The Saxonbury Printout”

  1. Gordon Salt said

    Just finished reading this. A great book. I love this type of story (popular in the 1970s) of ghosts communicating through technology. Echoes of Nigel Kneal’s ‘The Stone Tape’ (BBC TV1972). Great stuff!

  2. Bob said

    Compare “The Vertical Plane” – an alleged true story of a 16th century ghost communicating through a BBC micro, published in the 80s.

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