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Stephen King – Salem’s Lot

Posted by demonik on October 6, 2009

Stephen King – Salem’s Lot (New English Library, 1991)


Thousands of miles away from the small township of ‘Salem’s Lot, two terrified people still share the secrets of those clapboard houses and tree-lined streets.
One is an eleven-year-old boy. He never speaks but his eyes betray the indescribable horror he has witnessed.
The other is a man plagued by nightmares, a man who knows that soon he and the boy must return Jo ‘Salem’s Lot for a final confrontation with the unspeakable evil that lives on in the town where no one is human anymore …
`One of the few horror writers who can truly make the flesh creep’ – Sunday Express

Very dull, i know, but to keep this tub afloat while i await hundreds of new old  NEL’s to fall out of the sky at me, here’s a 17th impression of  Stephen King’s much loved vampire epic. And there’s a blurb!

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