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David Garner – This Fell Sergeant

Posted by demonik on October 16, 2009


Lucinda Cowell

David Garner – This Fell Sergeant (NEL 1974)


Gordon Summers ran a very respectable security form – or so it seemed. In reality he was the toughest hood in London. Intelligent, capable and highly sexed he manipulated people as he pleased – his price for betrayal was death. And Summers liked to kill. But his organization had one weak link, his slow-witted brother Maurice. And because Maurice made one small, very stupid mistake, Summers was able to do all the killing he liked – only this time it was in order to save his own skin.

Ok, so This Fell Sergeant isn’t strictly horror fiction either, but it’s been the cause of much excitement since friend H. P. Saucecraft first introduced it to on the Vault forum, and that due in no small part to Lucinda Cowell’s striking (not to mention a little daring!) artwork. We like Lucinda’s stuff!

Thanks to H. P. Saucecraft for posting the cover and Franklin ‘Master of the Macabre’ Marsh for saving me the job of transcribing the blurb!

see also the This Fell Sergeant thread on the Vault Forum. Now includes Vault roving reporter Franklin Marsh’s exclusive interview with Lucinda Cowell!

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