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Ray Bradbury – The October Country

Posted by demonik on November 19, 2009

Ray Bradbury – The October Country (Four Square, 1963, 1964, 1965)

The Dwarf
The watchful Poker Chip of H.Matisse
The Jar
The Traveller
The Emissary
Touched with Fire
The Scythe
Uncle Einar
The Wind
There was an Old Woman
The Wonderful Death of Dudley Stone.

When Charlie brought home the Thing in the jar, he knew that its mystery would draw the neighbours to his lonely house — knew that it would arouse his wife’s jealousy. He was right, but he didn’t know what form his wife’s jealousy would take — nor what he would have to do to silence her for ever.
Ray Bradbury is a master of the macabre, and each of his stories is imbued with the sort of quiet horror which makes the skin clammy with apprehension. He writes about the dark corners of life — what exists on the other side of normality … the dwarf who took comfort from a distorting mirror . . . the man with the painted eye … the bone doctor with a taste for human marrow… strange … weird … flush with fantasy.

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