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Antony Lopez – The Second Coming

Posted by demonik on December 3, 2009

Antony Lopez – The Second Coming (New English Library, April 1975)

Jacket design: Antony Dominy

The rumour was quickly spreading throughout the country – the second Messiah was coming. His disciples were everywhere already, preaching, converting, baptising. There were even members within the broadcasting stations, for messages flashed continuously on the screen THE END IS NOW – RENOUNCE THE FLESH, interspersed with the news that America was crumbling under the onslaught of earthquakes and floods. The apocalypse was nigh.
Only Sonny and a handful of others refused to join the general movement. They resisted the new era, only to learn that the new methods of persuasion were little different from the old – the firing squad, the cosh, and subliminal brainwashing. Under such conditions, even Sonny’s resistance was weakening, and it seemed the new order, that denied freedom and the flesh, would prevail.
A frightening glimpse into a future that could so easily come about.


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