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Denys Val Baker (ed.) – Haunted Cornwall

Posted by demonik on April 26, 2010

Denys Val Baker (ed.) – Haunted Cornwall (NEL, 1980: reprint jointly published with the Cornish Tourist Board).

Editor’s Introduction

Frank Baker – Chocolate Box
Daphne Du Maurier – The Old Man
Ronald Duncan – An Act of Charity
David Eames – Inheritance
R. S. Hawker – The Botathen Ghost
Kenneth Moss – Snow
Donald R. Rawe – Night on Roughtor
M. E. Simpson – The Castle
Howard Spring – Christmas Honeymoon
Nigel Tangye – Episode
J. C. Trewin – Window in the Attic
James Turner – The Wheel
Denys Val Baker – The Sacrifice
C. C. Vyvyan – The Ghost at the Old Ford
Rosalind Wade – Shepherd, Show Me
Mary Williams – The Lost Ones

Thanks to Justin Marriott of Paperback Fanatic for the cover scan.

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