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Hugh Miller – Kingpin

Posted by demonik on April 26, 2010

Hugh Miller – Kingpin (NEL, October, 1975)



Michael McBain, hero of THE OPEN CITY, is in need of change. He’s saddled with easy success and needs new competition. Circumstances move McBain from Glasgow to London where he becomes involved with Dave Cole big-time disc jockey, idol and kingpin of the progressive pop culture.

Cole is a man of flawed genius with enormous talent and depraved weaknesses. Together he and McBain form the nucleus of a million-pound discotheque venture but they clash violently – especially when McBain’s sister employs her talent for bizarre sex to win Cole’s loyalty.

This is a tough, relentless book which effectively mirrors the inhuman demands made on those in the public eye – and the excessive means with which they try to cope.


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