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David Ely – Seconds

Posted by demonik on November 11, 2010

David Ely – Seconds (Four Square, August 1965)

If you were a bored, overweight banker with a fat depressing wife, and you had the chance to become a lean, sardonically handsome bachelor — rich, devastating to women … would you take it?

This is the story of a man who did.

Following  the address on a scrap of paper, Wilson found himself in a world of telephone calls from the dead, operating theatres where middle-aged men are wheeled in and youthful copies wheeled out … a world in which young girls who had seemed forever out of reach were suddenly sensuous and willing …

“Don’t miss this most ingenious, original and very well written suspense fantasy that starts like a daydream and ends like a nightmare.” – THE OBSERVER

“‘Masterful and macabre novel.” – DAILY EXPRESS


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