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Justin Marriott – A Visual Guide To New English Library

Posted by demonik on November 11, 2010

Justin Marriott (ed.) – A Visual Guide To New English Library: Volume One (Nov. 2010)

British Publisher New English Library are a legend amongst vintage paperback fans and collectors throughout the world.

Their cult output is celebrated in the first of an ongoing series of visual guides from the producers of The Paperback Fanatic magazine.

Volume one is crammed with full colour reproductions of rare covers. The glorious visuals are accompanied by insightful commentary and full bibliographical detail, including previously unrecorded information on pseudonyms.

more details on Vault Of Evil Forum:

2 Responses to “Justin Marriott – A Visual Guide To New English Library”

  1. Trevor Jones said

    I saw A Visual Guide to New English Library edited by Justin Marriott on your website. Is this a book that is available to buy? I’ve searched Amazon and other book sites but can find no mention.

    Many thanks if you can help.


    • demonik said

      Hi Trevor

      To the best of my knowledge, the book sold out pretty much on publication. You might try dropping a line to interzone books who stock Paperback Fanatic and Justin’s other publications though i’ve not seen a copy of the Visual Guide in the shop on recent visits. email is (replace the AT with @)

      failing that, drop a line to Fantastic Literature

      Hope this helps. Good luck with your search!

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