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Alexander Karol – King’s Witchfinder

Posted by demonik on May 24, 2011

Alexander Karol – King’s Witchfinder   (New English Library, 1975)


No 3 in the imaginative and passionate series of the Restoration Period.

One-time pirates Sir Harry Strang and the Earl of Rochester return from their high-sea adventures to take to the waters at fashionable Deal. They discover that a local witch hunt is on and every beautiful young maiden in the district is under suspicion.

Only the torturing implements of the Witchfinder reveal the true identity of a witch. Sir Harry and his friend witness much human misery when they are asked to help a young woman , suspected of being in league with the devil …

thanks to Vault long time man Killercrab for providing the scan and blurb. According to KC, the other titles in the NEL Restoration Series are Sword of Vengeance and Dark Lady.

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