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Felice Picano – The Mesmerist

Posted by demonik on July 14, 2011

Felice Picano – The Mesmerist   (New English Lbrary, 1978)

David M Allister

“From page one, the reader is pulled into the horror of minds in jeopardy. A gripping, well-written tale.” Mary Higgins Clark, author of Where Are the Children?

Few paid much heed when Frederick Dinsmore slipped into town, took shabby rooms and set out his sign promising ‘Anti-Septic and Painless Dentistry’. They little dreamed that Dinsmore’s uncanny skill as a dental surgeon concealed his true — and far more sinister — art. Nor did they suspect that the handsome stranger with the dazzling smile and diamond blue stare was in command of an irresistible power that held the town’s richest man in its thrall.

Until the night Henry Lane hanged himself. The year was 1899, the season Sprlng, and the Mesmerist’s reign had begun. For Henry Lane left a fortune, a cryptic note proclaiming himself ruined — and a young wife, Carrie, too beautiful, too rich to remain a widow. Gradually, Dinsmore took over her wealth, her body, her mind, and when his lust for power grew there were others in the town he could manipulate. Outraged by Dinsmore’s influence, and his wicked hold over Carrie Lane, one man, James Ransom, determined to bring the Mesmerist to trial – only to find himself pitched against a terifying force of evil that would not be denied.


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