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George R. R. Martin – The Armageddon Rag

Posted by demonik on October 5, 2011

George R. R. Martin – The Armageddon Rag     (NEL, 1984)

A band, a legend, a generation had died that packed, apocalyptic night in 1971.
Sixty thousand had seen it happen, live on stage: the sniper’s bullet that had smashed into the lead singer’s head, dropped him dead. The Sixties Summer of Love had finally been killed off by a person or persons unknown and never found.

But now, ten years after, someone was pushing the remnants of the band back on the road again.

Tension-wrought and snarling, they were nerving themselves for a re-run of that last fatal tour through the hate-ridden heart of Amerika. While Jamie Lynch, who’d first found them and made them and grown fat on their success, lay spreadeagled back East, ritually cut down nd murdered.

Only Sandy Blair, well worn down into journalistic respectability, caught the crazed jingle-jangle echoes of some risen-again Manson Messiah. Only Sandy, tormented by electric night-time visions of flame-lit horror, knew that the bright, ungrieving Angel of Death waited out on the highway hitching a ride to Armageddon.

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