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Bari Wood – The Tribe

Posted by demonik on April 8, 2012

Bari Wood – The Tribe  (NEL, Oct. 1982)

Hut 554 in Belzec Extermination Camp was different. The inmates were alive.
Shabby, pale, but in good health and well-stocked with food – official supplies that were better than even the German Army had by 1945.

But amongst the horror of the camp and the relief that some at least had sur­vived, one man noticed something strange about the Jews of Hut 554: a fine greyish dust that coated the interior and clung to their clothing. A small mystery that could be part of the big mystery: why had this one small group been kept carefully alive?
Thirty-five years later, in Brooklyn, police burst into the basement hideout -of a teenage gang. This time the in­mates were dead. Brutally killed, bat­tered to death and torn limb from limb. And again, amongst the bloodbath, something strange: a fine greyish dust, scattered and clinging to the bodies.

” . . an ultra-readable story of occult sus­pense.’    Daily Mirror


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