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Cheap and Nasty Seventies Horror Pulp

* Nel Horror 1969-1979


Sandra Shulman – The Daughters Of Satan
Kurt Singer (ed) – Tales Of The Macabre
Raymond Giles – Night Of The Warlock
David Gurney – The Necrophiles [hardcover]
Edgar Allen Poe – Fantastic Tales
Peter Haining (ed) – Dr. Caligari’s Black Book
Robert Goldston – Satan’s Disciples [non-fiction]


Raymond Giles – Night Of The Vampire
Victor Jones – Monument Of Terror
Elleston Trevor- The Pillars Of Midnight
Sandra Shulman – The Degenerates
Sandra Shulman – The Devil’s House
Russell Braddon – The Inseperables
John Farris – When Michael Calls
Ray Bradbury – The Small Assassin (reprinted, 1973)
Simon Majors (Gardner F. Fox) – The Druid Stone
Daniel P. Mannix – The History Of Torture * (non-fiction)


Brian N. Ball – Lesson For The Damned
Raymond Giles – Night Of The Griffin
John Farris – The Captors
Elliott O’Donnell – A Casebook of Ghosts Vol. 1
Elliott O’Donnell – A Casebook of Ghosts Vol. 2
Michael Fisher – The Captives
Ray Bradbury – The October Country (reprinted, 1973)
June Johns – Black Magic Today * (non-fiction)
Baldwin Hills – Simon, King of the Witches


Peter Haining (ed) – Beyond the Curtain of Dark
Angus Black (ed) – The Devil’s Coven: Classic Stories Of Scottish Witchcraft
‘Angus Black’ [Elizabeth Fawcet?] – Classic Scottish Short Stories
Brian Ball – Devil’s Peak
Laird Koenig & Peter L. Dixon – The Children Are Watching
Richard Harrington – Hellfire Today
Valentine Penrose – The Bloody Countess * (non-fiction)
Robert Bloch – The Scarf
Daniel P. Mannix – The Hellfire Club * (non-fiction)
Francis King – Ritual Magic * (non-fiction)
Edgar Mitzenholzer – My Bones And My Flute
Alfred Hitchcock  (ed.) – This One Will Kill You
Rhiannon Hughes (ed) – Legends Of The Mist


Christopher Hodder-Williams – Panic O’Clock
Robert Lory – Dracula Returns
Matthew Gregory Lewis – The Monk
Errol Lecale – The Tigerman Of Terrahpur
Robert Lory – The Hand Of Dracula
David Gurney – The Conjurers (aka “The Demonists”)
Errol Lecale – Castledoom
Joan Paisnel – The Beast Of Jersey: By His Wife * (non-fiction)
Robert Louis Stevenson – The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
G. C. Clewett – Blood Dynasty
Peter Stafford [Paul Tabori] – The Wild White Witch
Peter Hawkins – The Man With The Mad Eyes
Francis King – Sexuality, Magic And Perversion * (non-fiction)
Denys Val Baker (ed.) – Haunted Cornwall


Etienne Aubin – The Terror Of The Seven Crypts (Horror# 1)
Martin Jenson – The Village Of Fear (Horror # 2)
Brian Ball – The Venomous Serpent [aka ‘Night Creatures’](Horror #3)
Jeremy Brent – Plastic Man (Horror #4)
Cyril Donson – Draco The Dragon Man (Horror #5?)
Derek Hyde-Chambers – The Orgy Of Bubastis (Horror #6)
Errol Lecale – The Severed Hand
Errol Lecale – The Death Box
Etienne Aubin – Dracula And The Virgins Of The Undead
Guy N. Smith – Werewolf By Moonlight
Roderick Grant – The Stalking Of Adrian Lawford
Robert Lory – Dracula’s Brothers
James Herbert – The Rats
Hugh Douglas – Burke & Hare: The True Story of the Bodysnatchers * (non-fiction)
Babs Deal – The Crystal Mouse


Robert Lory – Dracula’s Gold
Stephen King – Carrie
Errol Lecale – Zombie
Errol Lecale – Blood Of My Blood
Ian Dear – Village Of Blood
Martin Jenson – An Odour Of Decay
Guy N. Smith – The Slime Beast
Mary Shelley – Frankenstein
Victor Hugo – The Hunchback Of Notre Dame
William Harrison Ainsworth – The Elixir Of Life
Guy N. Smith – The Sucking Pit
Peter Haining – An Illustrated History of Witchcraft * (non-fiction)
Raymond T. McNally & Radu Florescu – In Search Of Dracula * (non-fiction)
James Herbert – The Fog
P. McCartney – Who Sups With The Devil
John Churchward – What Beck’ning Ghost? [hardcover]
Wray Hunt – Satan’s Daughter
Frederick Marryat – The Phantom Ship


Robert Lory – The Drums Of Dracula
R. Chetwynd-Hayes – The Monster Club
Peter Haining – The Dracula Scrapbook
Martin Sherwood – Maxwell’s Demon
Marc Marais – Duel For A Dark Angel
Guy N. Smith – Night of the Crabs
David Gurney – The Devil In The Atlas
Raymond T. McNally (ed) – A Clutch of Vampires
Louise Cooper – Blood Summer


Donald Glut – Frankenstein Lives Again
Peter Haining – The Frankenstein File
Donald Glut – Terror Of Frankenstein
S. F. Roland – Witch Mark
David Gurney – Evil Under The Water
Russell Foreman – The Ringway Virus
Harry Ludlam – A Biography Of Bram Stoker [non-fiction]
Peter Haining – The Edgar Allan Poe Scrapbook
Stephen King – Salems Lot
James Herbert – The Survivor
Pierce Nace – Eat Them Alive
David James – Croc
Sam Holroyd (S. H. Burton) – Tibb’s House
Jane Hammond – Witch of the White House
Nick Sharman – The Cats
Donald Glut – Bones Of Frankenstein
Donald Glut – Frankenstein Meets Dracula
Louise Cooper – In Memory Of Sarah Bailey
Robert Lory – The Witching Of Dracula
Martin Jenson – The Echo On The Stairs
Guy N. Smith – Return Of The Werewolf
Michael Mannion – Death Cloud


Phil Smith – The Incredible Melting Man
Leo Callan – Piranha
James Herbert – The Spear
Stephen King – The Shining
Peter Haining (ed) – Tales Of Unknown Horror
Guy N. Smith – The Son of the Werewolf
Guy N. Smith – Bats Out of Hell
Phil Smith – The Resurrection Machine
James Herbert – Fluke
Eric Ericson – The Sorcerer
Guy N. Smith – Killer Crabs
Guy N. Smith – Bargain Bumper Treble Omnibus
Mary-Rose Hayes – The Neighbours
Loren D. Estleman – Sherlock Holmes Vs. Dracula
Babs H. Deal – Waiting To Hear From William
M. E. Knerr – Sasquatch, Monster of the Northwest Woods
Ryder Brady – Instar
Daniel P. Mannix – The Hellfire Club
Elleston Trevor – The Theta Syndrome


Peter Haining (ed) – More Tales of Unknown Horror
Peter Haining (ed.) – Classic Horror Omnibus Volume 1 [Hardcover]
James Herbert – Lair
Stephen King – Night Shift
Jory Sherman  – Chill #1: Satan’s Seed
Phil Smith – The Saxonbury Printout
Guy N. Smith – The Origin of the Crabs
Felice Picano – Eyes
Jeffrey Konvitz – The Apocalypse
David Holman And Larry Pryce – Fleshbait
Steve Whitney – Singled Out
John Godey – The Snake
Jack Shackleford – The House of the Magus
Jory Sherman – Chill (Chill #2)
Jory Sherman – The Bamboo Demons (Chill #3)
Norman Bogner – Snowman

Listing compiled by members of Vault Of Evil

We make no claims to this listing being anything like comprehensive, so if you can fill in any of the blanks please do!

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One Response to “* Nel Horror 1969-1979”

  1. steven whicher said

    I am trying to locate the title and author from one of the anthologies of the time (pan fontana nel ) the story is about the crew of a craft who are relentlessly chased by the ghost from the planet (maybe mars ) which inhabits their dead colleague maybe called pugh

    Thanks in advance
    Regards Steven whicher

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