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Cynthia Asquith – What Dreams May Come

Posted by demonik on May 17, 2009

Cynthia Asquith – What Dreams May Come: Tales Of The Supernatural (Four Square, 1965)

What Dreams May Come

What Dreams May Come

The Lovely Voice
The White Moth
The Follower
‘The Playfellow’
The Corner Shop
The First Night
From What Beginnings?
In A Nutshell
‘God Grant That She Lye Stille’


The young girl in the French hotel who adored the lovely lady, so kind and gentle — only to discover that she was a murderess !
The s schoolgirl who wrote such exquisite and sensational verse, then suddenly refused to produce any more !
The woman haunted all her life by a hideous face in a crowd !
Hyacinth, the image of her young cousin Daphne, who at the same age was grotesquely burnt to death !
Peter Wood, who bought a carved frog in a queer antique shop, and then learnt the chilling story behind it !
Sylvia, whose previously untalented leading man suddenly put on a star turn on the opening night. She is delighted, until she
discovers the reason!
The nurse whose attractive young patient was convinced he was going to die, because the book he was reading forespelled his doom.
Margaret Cleaver, 22, beautiful, rich, who was gradually repossessed by the spirit of her turbulent ancestor !

These people glimpsed beyond the ordinary realities of life … into the inexplicable dimension!

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