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Derek Hyde-Chambers – The Orgy Of Bubastis

Posted by demonik on May 30, 2009

Derek Hyde-Chambers – The Orgy Of Bubastis [Horror #6] (New English Library, 1974)


What i was saying about Bradbury’s The October Country not being a “great NEL”? This is a great NEL.

Justin Marriott again from Paperback Fanatic #8 (Dec. 2008)

“…. a delightfully bonkers reprint of a Robert Hale hardback of a few years prior. Restaging the centuries old battle between ancient Egyptian Gods in a French health farm visited by four fading actors. Derek Hyde-Chambers takes a kitchen-sink-and-all approach to horror, chucking in a bestial dwarf with sharpened talons, a nurse who turns into a werewolf, rampant LSD abuse and torture scenes lit in multi-coloured strobes with a wardrobe published from S&M R US! …”

Thanks to severance for providing the cover scan

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