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Elleston Trevor – The Sibling

Posted by demonik on August 12, 2017

Elleston Trevor – The Sibling  (NEL, 1980)

“And now you are even further back in time,” said Dr Reisenkonig softly. “Now you are only an infant, just eleven months old. Tell me, what do you remember?”
“I hate it. I hate it! It’s called sisser! Mommy goes away from me now, to see it! Hurt sisser! Burn sisser! Kill sisser! “

For three years they had been kept apart, torn from each other as children because they were both too wicked, too cruel to live together in the same house. They played weird and shocking games, turning their childhood into a battle-ground of hatred – forever testing, forever taunting, forcing each other closer to the brink. There was the boy’s favourite horse, screaming as it sought to trample him to death in its stable; a mutilated doll; a trapped rat ripping flesh away from the girl’s arm in its panic to escape: a boat slowly drifting away from land, its tiny occupant rigid with fear.

Now brother and sister meet again. Grown up and attractive, Debbie and Raff find a strange delight in each other’s company, and for their parents, millionaire banker Charles Stuyvesant and his wife, this Christmas promises to be a happy one. Yet, as old rivalries are submerged. as hate develops into love, the madness of their youth returns. No one is prepared for those first streaks of blood across the snow, for the sinister intrusion of a past demanding ritual and sacrifice, or for the accelerating violence that this time cannot he controlled.

This brilliant psychological thriller combines elements of horror, fantasy and unnatural passion with frightening intensity. The Sibling will stun you with its power.

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Trevor Ellison – The Theta Syndrome

Posted by demonik on June 8, 2009

Trevor Ellison – The Theta Syndrome (New English Library, 1978)

Design Terry Griffiths: Photograph Jean-Pierre Trevor

Design Terry Griffiths: Photograph Jean-Pierre Trevor



Claudia, victim of an unexplained road accident, Iies in a coma in a Los Angeles hospital, the monitor screen above her bed slowing hour by hour into the theta region, the twilight zone of the unknown. Surgeons work day and night for her survival, but the danger isn’t in here; it’s out there …

… Where the instrument in the surgeon’s hand flashes under the glare of the theatre lights as he sags to the floor, dying …
… Where a nurse involuntarily scribbles frantic appeals for help which she cannot explain …
… Where a child suddenly screams as the red crayon slashes across her colouring book; a smashed car … rats in a cage … a woman’s face.

In the intensive care unit Claudia lies surrounded by the most sophisticated equipment devised for the saving of human life. But it isn’t enough, because someone is coming and only Claudia’s silently screaming brain can say who.

Skilful Psychological Thriller – Yorkshire Post

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Elleston Trevor – The Pillars Of Midnight

Posted by demonik on June 7, 2009

Elleston Trevor – The Pillars Of Midnight (New English Library, 1970: 1975)

Cover of the 1975 edition.

Cover of the 1975 edition.

THE PILLAR’S OF MIDNIGHT is the story of a terrible epidemic and the hospital – its staff and doctors – who fought a front-line campaign against disease and ignorance. It is also the story of Dr Steven Monks who faces a personal dilemma as desperate as the disease itself.

‘Elleston Trevor is a professional novelist of the Nevil Shute school’ – Times literary Supplement.

Thanks to Killercrab for the blurb and cover scan

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